Cisco Systems ACE-4710-K9 ACE 4700 Series Application Control Engine Appliance

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Cisco Systems ACE-4710-K9 The Cisco ACE Application Control Engine 4710 Appliance, a member of the Cisco family of Data Center 3.0 solutions and a critical component of Cisco ACE product family.The Cisco ACE 4710 Appliance uses full range of Cisco application switching technologies, including Layer 4 load balancing and Layer 7 content switching, server offload with SSL, caching and TCP processing, all delivered over a virtualized architecture to help achieve your green environmental objectives. Cisco ACE 4710 Appliance provides asymmetric application acceleration using innovative and patented technologies such as Flash Forward, delta encoding, compression, and other techniques to reduce volume of transferred data and improve response times, thus enhancing overall end user experience. Ensures business continuity by enhancing application availabilityImproves business productivity by accelerating applications up to 500 percentLowers operating costs by minimizing data center power and cooling needs