Cisco Systems UCSC-PCIE-QSFP Qlogic QLE8242-CU dual-port 10 GbE FCoE CNA



Cisco Systems UCSC-PCIE-QSFP The 8200 series adapters represent QLogic’s third generation of converged network adapters, supporting simultaneous LaN (tCP/IP) and SaN (Fiber Channel over Ethernet (FCoe), iSCSI) traffic at line-rate, 10 Gbps Ethernet speed. This convergence of networking traffic lowers data center costs by eliminating the need for separate LaN and SaN infrastructure. Data centers now need fewer adapters, cables, and switches, which also means reduced power and cooling costs. In addition, these adapters are fully compatible with existing Fiber Channel and iSCSI storage, providing investment protection for existing infrastructure.The 8200 series of converged network adapters support simultaneous LAN (TCP/IP) and SAN (FCoE, iSCSI) traffic at line-rate, 10 Gbps Ethernet speed. PCIe gen2 x8 supports for higher dual-port throughputAdvanced virtualization with NIC partitioning (NPaR)Full hardware offloads for iSCSIDual-port, line-rate 10 Gbps throughput for moving large amounts of data and eliminating server I/O bottlenecksFull hardware offloads for FCoe and iSCSI for faster application performance and denser server virtualizationStateless offloads for tCP/IP traffic for faster networking performanceSupport for current and upcoming I/O virtualization technologies, including QLogic’s NIC partitioningConverged SaN and LaN traffic for reduced data center capital and operating expensesCompatible with existing Fiber Channel and iSCSI storage infrastructureBattle-hardened QLogic Fiber Channel and iSCSI driver stacks ensure the highest level of SaN reliability and uptimeUnified management utility for LaN and SaN administration that is compatible with QLogic’s Ethernet, Fiber Channel, and iSCSI adapters