Cisco Systems VS-S720-10G-3C Cat 6500 Supervisor 720 with 2 x 10GbE and 3x1GE MSFC3 PFC3C

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Cisco Systems VS-S720-10G-3C The Cisco Virtual Switching Supervisor Engine 720 with 10 Gigabit Ethernet uplinks and PFC 3C combines high-density uplinks, system virtualization, and increased throughput with scalable performance and a rich IP feature set. This supervisor engine is a key component of the Cisco VSS 1440 Virtual Switching System, enabling high availability, operational efficiency, and increased bandwidth with a greater ease of deployment. Increases operational efficiency by simplifying the networkScales system bandwidth capacity to 1.4 Tbps by using Multichassis EtherChannel (MEC)Boosts nonstop communications by way of interchassis failover and an EtherChannel mechanism for link recoveryEases deployment by using existing multilayer switching architecture